My Review of : ” I Flipping Love You” by Helena Hunting

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My Review of “I Flipping Love You” by Helena Hunting  St. Martin’s Press  May 29, 2018

“I Flipping Love You” by Helena Hunting is an enjoyable, amusing, predictable story  and  a light read.  The Genres for this story are  Fiction, Women’s Fiction and Suspense. The story takes place in the Hamptons, and in New York City. The timeline is mostly in the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events in the story.

Helena Hunting describes her characters as likable, with problems and  challenges. Rina Sutter and her twin sister grew up extremely wealthy, and were used to an elegant and luxurious lifestyle, until a tragic family scandal caused the twins to lose almost everything they had. The twins have  started a career in real estate and flipping houses. Rian is the Mathematical genius and deals with the finances.

Pierce Whitfield and his family grew up with very little, and their father was able to change their circumstances so now they are very wealthy. Pierce is an attorney working in New York City, but enjoys working with his brother fixing up houses and renting and selling them.

From the get-go, Pierce and Rian seem to get along like oil and water, but there is no missing the fiery exchange between them. Of course, the real estate dealing is complicated, and competitive.

I enjoyed this novel and would recommend it to readers that enjoy stories with  romance. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.

1 comments on “My Review of : ” I Flipping Love You” by Helena Hunting”

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