My Review of “Baby Teeth” by Zoje Stage

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IMG_4515.JPGMy Review of “Baby Teeth” by Zoje Stage   St. Martin’s Press  July 17, 2018

WOW! WOW! WOW! Kudos to Zoje Stage , author of “Baby Teeth” for writing such a chilling, horrific, frighteningly intense and captivating story. Kudos to St. Martin’s Press for their marketing strategies. The letters, the postcards, everything leading up to reading this novel was such a tease and so amazing.  The Genres of this Novel are Fiction, Mystery and Thriller with Suspense thrown in.

The author describes her colorful dysfunctional  cast of characters as complex, and complicated . Suzette is having a really difficult time being a Mom. She suffers  from Crohns disease for years, and when she is stressed this triggers her symptoms. Suzette is  very artistic has a creative loving husband. Hannah is their seven-year old selectively mute daughter. Hannah seems so sweet and loving to her dad, but hasn’t bonded with her Mom well at all.   Lets just say that this sweet little girl has been thrown out of schools, and is extremely manipulative.

Hanna just wants to love and live with her Daddy. Is that too much to ask? Mom has to home school Hanna, but Hanna has other ideas. Dad doesn’t see what Mom sees.  This reminds me of  the Twilight Zone Episode “It’s A Good Life” (1961). (about a little boy)  This also makes me think of “The Exorcist”. Actually, I think this novel has all the ingredients of being a movie, one that you perhaps shouldn’t watch before you go to sleep.

I highly recommend this intriguing , sharp, twisted, edgy,  page turner for those readers who enjoy a chilling and thrilling read. I received this ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.



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