Jenna Blum and Alyson Richman discussing “The Lost Family” at Book Revue


IMG_4504I had a wonderful time tonight at Book Revue visiting with Jenna Blum and Alyson Richman discussing “The Lost Family” by Jenna Blum.

IMG_4594Author Brenda Janowitz, Jenna Blum,  Moi, and Alyson Richman just before the discussion began. It was so lovely meeting Jenna Blum  in person, and seeing Alyson Richman and Brenda Janowitz again. What a group of lovely, sweet and amazing authors!!

IMG_4595It was wonderful to see Brenda Janowitz  again!! I always enjoy seeing her.

IMG_4592Jenna got to sign some books just before she started. I did bring People Magazine in, with an article about “The Lost Family and Jenna”

IMG_4602.JPGBook Revue is a comfortable book store in the heart of Huntington Village on Long Island. Tonight was a  really comfortable night. The weather was fine, and the crowd was receptive. Both Jenna and Alyson wrote stories in “Grand Central” and had been together before.   The chemistry between the two authors was amazing. Jenna was teasing Alyson that she uses an outline when she writes. Alyson was teasing Jenna, “Are you a writer?” It was really a fun evening.IMG_4597Jenna Blum’s passion for her characters was wonderful to see. Alyson was a terrific moderator, with fantastic questions. Jenna had fabulous answers.

IMG_4593Several members in the audience asked questions, and then both Jenna and Alyson signed books.

Some of the things that I learned about Jenna Blum:

  1. Jenna studied English in college, and was a waitress supporting her writing.
  2. When asked what Jenna would be if she wasn’t a writer, she mentioned since she likes baking and cooking, something with food preparation.
  3. There will be a fourth  book out!! SHHHHH! Peter and some of the characters from “The Lost Family” will be in it, and it will be like a sequel and prequel. I am so looking forward to this.
  4. Jenna mentioned traveling to Germany and went to the places mentioned in “Those Who  Save Us”, and was deeply touched.
  5.  Jenna is down to earth and a lovely, sweet lovely person. It was a pleasure to meet her.IMG_4605
  6. IMG_4593

2 comments on “Jenna Blum and Alyson Richman discussing “The Lost Family” at Book Revue”

  1. Linda—I really enjoyed reading this blog. Very entertaining. I’m definitely going to read The Lost Family by Jenna Blum.


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