“Hughes crafts another fast-paced beach read for those who crave new beginnings that lead to happy endings.” 


“Anita Hughes is a master at sweeping the reader away to an exotic location! In CALIFORNIA SUMMER, Hughes takes us behind the gates to the manicured lawns, exquisite gardens, and mansions of Hollywood royalty to experience a second chance at a career and love. The perfect beach read!” 

—Mary Alice Monroe New York Times bestselling author of Beach House Reunion 

“A tender and triumphant look at what happens when life falls apart and you are left to rediscover the world through an entirely different lens than the one you imagined: new friends, new passions, new roads. Anita Hughes crafts a winning heroine you absolutely root for, and CALIFORNIA SUMMER made my heart sing.” 

—Allison Winn Scotch, New York Times bestselling author 

“Hughes’ uplifting tour of past love and future endeavors, set in a dreamy getaway of excitement and self-discovery, makes for an ideal, quick beach read.” 

Booklist on Emerald Coast 

“How OOC could a family drama that’s set in sandy St. Barts get? Very.” 

Cosmopolitan on White Sand, Blue Sea 

California Summer 

A Novel 

By Anita Hughes 

Anita Hughes’ novels have become the ultimate breezy summer read with seductive locations and swoon-worthy love stories. Charming and romantic, her previous novels have been featured in Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Martha Stewart Weddings, PopSugar, and many more with the biggest names in women’s fiction. Her newest novel, CALIFORNIA SUMMER (St. Martin’s Griffin; June 19, 2018) is set on the California coast, is considered her love letter to California. Filled with fish tacos, surf, and summer love, this fun fling of a novel is the perfect beach read. 

Ben and Rosie are Hollywood’s newest director/producer dream team. After hitting it big at Sundance, it seems that their ten years of love and hard work are finally paying off. Rosie is happy making independent films, but Ben wants the A-List celebrity package: a house in Beverly Hills, fancy cars in the driveway, and his name on the biggest blockbusters. He’s willing to do anything, even sleep with the most famous producer in town, to get them. 

Rosie is devastated by Ben’s affair, and she decides to take a break from show business. She accepts her best friend’s invitation to spend the summer at her parents’ estate in Montecito. It’s far away from L.A., the perfect place to start over. 

In Montecito, Rosie meets a colorful cast of characters including Rachel, who owns a chocolate shop, and Josh, a handsome local who splits his time between surfing and classic cars. Suddenly Rosie has new friends and a new purpose. She opens a fish taco store in the village with her secret college recipe. Everyone is buzzing about Rosie’s tacos, including Colby, the “it” teen heartthrob who writes a Billboard hit song about Rosie following her dreams. The store is an instant sensation, but Rosie knows that success comes with a price, and the price might be losing love again. 

CALIFORNIA SUMMER is a touching and romantic story about following your dreams but not letting them get in the way of love. Hughes infuses the novel with her love for Southern California and dedicates it to the coastal village that captured her heart from the very beginning. With summer reads around the corner, Hughes’ latest will have you feeling the soft rays of the sun and dreaming of endlessly warm days. 


Meet Author Anita Hughes

IMG_4973.JPGAbout the Author 

ANITA HUGHES is the author of Monarch Beach, Market Street, Lake Como, French Coast, Rome in Love, Island in the Sea, Santorini Sunsets, Christmas in Paris, White Sand, Blue Sea, Emerald Coast, and Christmas in London. She attended UC Berkeley’s Masters in Creative Writing Program, and lives in Dana Point, California, where she is at work on her next novel. For more information about Anita and her books, visit anitahughesbooks.com 

California Summer: 

A Novel 

By Anita Hughes 

Published by St. Martin’s Griffin 

**On Sale June 19, 2018** 

Trade Paperback | $ 16.99 

ISBN: 9781250166654| Ebook ISBN: 9781250166661 


Additional Praise for Anita Hughes: 

“Anita Hughes has a knack for taking us on a journey to a far-off place and making us feel like we’re on vacation…Get swept away in this story of love and adventure, and don’t forget the SPF!” 

PopSugar on White Sand, Blue Sea 

“A fabulous escape.” 

Booklist on White Sand, Blue Sea 

“A charming modern-day fairy-tale romance. 

Kirkus Reviews on Christmas in Paris 

“Stunning location: check. Beautiful people: check. Romance: of course! Rome in Lovedelivers on all three fronts.” 

Huffington Post Books on Rome in Love 

“Reading an Anita Hughes novel makes you feel on vacation.” 

PopSugar on Island in the Sea 

“Hughes has a way of transporting us to the most exotic places with her writing.” 

BellaNYC on Santorini Sunsets 

Hughes’ novel will make you feel all warm on the inside, and you may even think the ocean is lapping at your toes with this exotic travel romance. The descriptions throughout will almost have readers feeling like they’ve taken the trip to Spain themselves, and the romance is fierce.” 

RT Book Reviews on Island in the Sea 

“Hughes bring her signature combination of haute couture and high-society romance to Paris, adding a touch of magic and allowing us to live vicariously through Isabel as she falls in love in the most glamorous city in the world—and buys labels most women can only dream about. A charming modern-day fairy-tale romance.” 

Kirkus Reviews on Christmas in Paris 

“Christmas. Paris. Star-crossed lovers. Yup, it’s the perfect holiday read!” —Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Dashing Through the Snow on Christmas in Paris 

“Gorgeously festive and evocative, this is a compelling story filled with characters you truly care about. I adored it.” 

Melissa Hill, USA Today bestselling author of The Charm Bracelet on Christmas in Paris 

“I was instantly transported back to France, once again strolling the Champs-Élysées, taking in the scents, the sights, the taste of Paris. It doesn’t get any better than falling in love in La Ville-Lumiére, the City of Light, during the most magical time of year. Delicious, delectable, and delightful!” 

Donna Kauffman, USA Today bestselling author of Starfish Moon on Christmas in Paris 

“Anita Hughes does it again in her latest novel: a love affair with Paris during the most magical time of year, starring a likable, slightly naive heroine everyone is rooting for.” 

Booklist on Christmas in Paris 


—Nicola Kraus, New York Times bestselling co-author of The First Affair on Santorini Sunsets 

“Hughes takes her readers on a romantic roller-coaster ride of passionate encounters and mixed emotions, all leading up to a brilliant finale of self-discovery and assessing just how far to go for true love.” 

Booklist on Santorini Sunsets 








California Summer” by Anita Hughes is a captivating, enjoyable and entertaining read. The Genres for this novel are Fiction, Women’s Fiction and Romance. Goodreads has a blurb that says. “”California Summer “is a touching and romantic story about following your dreams but not letting them get in the way of love.” The story takes place mostly in the present, and goes to the past only if it pertains to the characters or events. I like the way the author describes the scenic landscape with beaches and flowers, from Hollywood to a small town Montecito.

Anita Hughes describes her colorful cast of characters as complex, and complicated. Some characters are quirky. There are betrayals and lack of communication. Some of the characters are loyal friends. Rosie and Ben are friends, lovers, producer/director in Hollywood, until Rosie discovers that Ben has been unfaithful. Rosie leaves Hollywood and goes to Montecito, to stay with her friend’s parents. Rosie feels betrayed and hurt, and is nursing her wounds in the extra cottage on the premises.

In the small town, Rosie is able to meet some new friends, and reflect upon her life. Rosie finds she is happy preparing and cooking in the kitchen. Everyone seems to love Rosie’s fish tacos. Rosie does have major decisions to make. What are Rosie’s goals?

I like the way the author describes the importance, of family, friendship, emotional support, communication loyalty, love and hope. The author also compares being extremely wealthy and being able to have material things, and prestige, or being comfortable financially and being happy. I would highly recommend this novel to those readers that enjoy Women’s Fiction. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.


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