My Review of “Eagle & Crane” by Suzanne Rindell

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IMG_5303My Review of “Eagle & Crane” by Suzanne Rindell

Kudos to Suzanne Rindell Author of “Eagle & Crane” for writing such an inspiring, intense, captivating, intense, emotional and intriguing novel. The Genres for this novel are Historical Fiction and Fiction. The timeline for this novel is around the Great Depression and the Bombing of Pearl Harbor, and World War Two. The location of the story is in California.

The author describes her characters as complicated, complex, and torn by both events and family expectations. Louis Thorne and ” Harry Yamada” were friends for a short time when they were little boys. Harry loved magic, and Louis loved comic book heroes.  The Thorne family believed that the “Yamada” family had stolen their land, and from that become a great hatred.

Louis meets a young girl, Ava, who is selling tickets for a flying show. Louis comes back with money and reunites with Harry. Somehow the two young men become aerial stuntman doing life-threatening and dangerous acts. The two work together as a team. Despite set backs and major problems, the two become known as “Eagle” and “Crane”, nick names assigned to them with a racial intonation.

When the tragedy  of the  Pearl Harbor bombing occurs, the United State government puts all of the Japanese people in internment camps.  Many are Japanese Americans, both citizens and American born. This is a terrible time that is not always revealed  in history books. The homes, land, possessions were supposed to be temporarily taken away from these people. There was inadequate medical care, cramped quarters, and poor living conditions. I appreciate the research and the resources the author used to provide the information. It is both thought-provoking and very emotionally charged. . Do we learn from history?

Somehow, both Harry and his father escape the camps, but there is an airplane found with two charred bodies. The local government finds it an open and close case. One FBI agent with a personal agenda suspects foul play, and starts to investigate.  Will the deep secrets between the two families be revealed?  I highly recommend this amazing novel to readers that appreciate Historical Fiction.




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