My Review of “Her Pretty Face” by Robyn Harding

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IMG_5376My Review of “Her Pretty Face” by Robyn Harding  Gallery/Scout Press 2018

Robyn Harding, Author  of “Her Pretty Face” has written a chilling, captivating, intense, edgy, novel that should be accompanied by a WARNING: DO NOT READ BEFORE GOING TO BED.!!Of course that hasn’t stopped me, AND I am addicted to the author’s vivid description of the dysfunctional characters, and her story.  I just couldn’t put this thriller down for the life of me. Perhaps I shouldn’t use that phrase. The Genres for this Novel are Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, and Fiction.

The author describes her cast of characters as complicated, complex, unbalanced, (to say the least), and toxic. There are deep dangerous secrets, betrayals, lies and twists and turns.  Do you think that a person can change? Can a leopard change its spots? Are people who we think they are.? Should people have second chances?. In this novel, the author discusses the dynamics of friendship, family and community.

Two women become friends after bonding at an affluent exclusive school. Both women have sons the same age. The emotional climate of this school is one of bias , bullying and snobbery. Frances Metcalfe is a stay at home Mom, who struggles financially and emotionally. Her son has major emotional problems, that stress Frances . After her son does something unacceptable in school, the other mothers’ disapproval is overwhelming.

Kate Randolph, a wealthy, confident and extremely attractive mother defends Frances and her son, and puts the other mothers in their place. Before long, the two have what appears to be the perfect friendship.

Both women have deep secrets from the past.  One is not who she says she is. One of these women is really Amber Kunik, a cold-hearted killer that served six years in jail.

I highly recommend this novel for readers that enjoy a chilling thriller that keeps you guessing. Just be warned, don’t read this before you go to sleep!!! I received this ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.

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