My Review of “Safe Houses” by Dan Fesperman

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My Review of “Safe Houses” by Dan Fesperman

“Safe Houses” by Dan Fesperman is a captivating, intense and intriguing novel. The Genres for this novel are Mystery, Suspense, Thriller and Fiction. The timelines for  the story starts is West Berlin in 1974, and through different narration, continues to the present. The story takes place in many countries.

The author describes the characters as complicated and conflicted. Some are courageous, and some are calculating. There is a trace of a theme of good and evil. There is corruption, betrayals, twists and turns and adventure.

Helen Abell’s job in 1979 in West Berlin, is to oversee the CIA Safe Houses that field agents go to. One evening, when Helen is in one of the safe houses, two unexpected people arrive and have a conversation in code. Helen is hiding, but is secretly  taping  this. Another night Helen is witness to something else she shouldn’t see, or hear.  Helen also has a tape of this, and now finds that she is in danger, and learns to escape and seek the information she needs and wants that has put her in this position.Little does Helen know that those tapes she has with her will be extremely significant for years to come.

Thirty years later, Helen and her husband are murdered by their disabled son. Her daughter comes back to finalize arrangements, and wants to seek the truth.  There are deep secrets and Helen’s past causes great danger to her daughter.

I recommend this novel to those readers that enjoy a face-paced  novel packed full of suspense. Happy Reading !!!


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