My Review of “Believe Me” by JP Delaney


IMG_5478My Review of “Believe Me” by JP Delaney     Random House Publishing  July 2018

JP Delaney, Author of “Believe Me” has written a Psychological Thriller with suspense and mystery, twists and turns, lies and betrayals. This book deals with psychological mind games, and has the feel of a cat and mouse game, or the hunter and the prey. Literally, who will you believe?

The author describes her characters as complex, and complicated. Claire is British, and a struggling actress in America with no green card. To earn money, Claire uses her acting talents by working for divorce attorneys. Claire will go to a designated place with a camera and tape and start talking to a man she has targeted . The aim of this is to see if he is cheating. If he is not, then of course he  can’t be baited by Claire. There are rules for this game.

Claire purposely seeks out her target by sitting at his table, while he has gotten up. There is a computer there, and a book of poems. Eventually the man allows Claire to sit there and they read some of the passages in the book, then  tells Claire that he is married and leaves.

Claire reports back to the wife that he doesn’t seem to be the type to cheat. Soon after the wife is found dead in a hotel. Claire was one of the last people to see her while she was alive, as was the husband. The Police would like Claire to get the husband to confess.

Then the rules of this game change, and there is danger and this can be even deadly! Both Claire and the husband have deep, dark secrets.  I would recommend this novel for readers that enjoy a twisty thriller with a psychological edge and danger to it. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.


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