Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “More Than Words” by Jill Santopolo



Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “More Than Words” by  Jill Santopolo, G.P.Putnam’s Sons, February 4,2020

Jill Santopolo, Author of “More Than Words” has written an intense, emotional, captivating, intriguing, romantic, heartbreaking, entertaining and thought-provoking novel.  The Genres for this story are Fiction, Women’s Fiction, and Romance. The timeline for this story is in the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events in the story. The author describes her colorful and dramatic characters as complex and complicated

Nina Gregory has been brought but up by her wealthy Dad, who owns several fancy hotels. Nina has tried to meet her dad’s expectations of her and has a great work ethic. One of the things that Nina is doing is writing speeches for a charismatic candidate for mayor. Mr. Gregory has been a single father, since a tragedy where Nina’s mother had been killed. Nina is lucky to have some special friends for emotional support.

Circumstances change when Nina’s father is fighting the final stages of Cancer. Her boyfriend Tim, and his family have known Nina and her family for years.  When Mr. Gregory does pass away, Nina finds certain information about her father that comes crashing around her and confuses and challenges her courage and faith. Is it possible to live with someone, and not really know them? Suddenly nothing makes sense, and Nina is questioning herself. Nina is able to discuss these things with her boss, who is running for Mayor, and finds a certain attraction to him.

I appreciate that the author has written such a compassionate and heartbreaking novel. The author discusses the importance of family, friendship, honesty, communication, forgiveness, love, and hope. I would highly recommend this amazing novel for those readers who enjoy a thought-provoking story. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.

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