Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Keeper of Happy Endings” by Barbara Davis, October 1, 2021. On Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Keeper of Happy Endings” by Barbara Davis, Oct. 1, 2021. On Tour With Suzy Approved Book Tours

Kudos to Barbara Davis, Author of “The Keeper of Happy Endings” for writing such a fantastic, magical, enchanting and captivating novel. The Genres for this novel are Historical Fiction, Romance, Fiction and a touch of Magical Realism. The timelines for this story are set in World War Two, and more modern times. I love the vivid way that the author describes her characters, the landscape and scenery, the dresses and the events. The author describes her women characters as complex, complicated, courageous, and creative. The author also describes some characters as flawed, betrayers, and keeping secrets. The themes that surround the novel are the importance of family, forgiveness, second chances, finding and losing somethings that are important, and love, and hope.

The two main protagonists in the book are Soline Roussel, who is described as a special dressmaker with a special talent around World War Two, and Rory Grant, who is an artist in modern times. There are layers in this novel, that become like puzzle pieces that have to be fit together to complete this story. Barbara Davis is a wonderful storyteller, and weaves these pieces making a perfect fit.

Both characters suffer from loss and heartbreak, and yet are brought together, perhaps by fate. When Rory is looking for a place for her art, she is drawn to the building that once housed the magnificent French Bridal Creations by Soline Roussel. There was a fire, and now the building is mostly abandoned. Rory is able to lease the building from Soline, and finds a special box containing significant moments from Soline Roussel. Little do both characters realize the connections this box will provide a key for.

I read this book in one sitting and couldn’t put this down. I have to admit there were some Kleenex moments. I would highly recommend this memorable and thought-provoking book to others. Happy Reading!

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