Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Woman on Fire: by Lisa Barr, Harper Paperbacks, March 1, 2022. On Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Woman On Fire” by Lisa Barr, Harper Paperbacks, March 1, 2022. On Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

WOW! Lisa Barr, the author of “Woman on Fire” has written an intense, intriguing, captivating and thrilling novel. The genres for this novel are Historical Fiction, World War Two, Mystery and Thriller, and Fiction. The author describes her dramatic characters as complex and complicated. Some are courageous and bold, others are flawed, and have weaknesses. Some are quirky, dysfunctional, and psychotic.

The author takes us into the world of Art. During World War Two, different masterpieces were “taken” by the Gestapo from Jewish families. There was theft, betrayals, danger and adventure. These precious artistic treasures were valuable to families and held certain memories. They were valuable too many people for wealth and power.

A young courageous journalist becomes entangled and interested in researching the past and present to find the art and the people that were/are involved. There is also a wealthy gallerist, who feels that it is her familial right to be entitled to certain artistic pieces. On this journey, there is danger, betrayals, lies, threats and murder. There are twists and turns.

I loved everything about this book and highly recommend this thought-provoking and memorable thriller for other readers.

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