Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Fore Play” by Linda Sheehan, Black Rose Writing, 2022, On Tour With Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Linda Sheehan, the author of “Fore Play”has written an entertaining satire filled with wit and dark humor. The genres for this novel are Sports Fiction, Satire, Humor, and Fiction. The setting in this novel takes place in a prestigious Country Club in California, where golf, celebrations, and suspect activities take place. Famous people are encouraged to belong to this club. The symbolic “mascot” for the Bellstone Country Club are White Trumpet Cranes. The timeline for this story is set in 2011(present) and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters and events.

Linda Sheehan has vividly described the characters, setting and events to a “tee”. The characters are complex and complicated, quirky, deceitful, greedy, opportunists, cheaters and unscrupulous. The Bellstone Country Club has become the setting for illegal activity” and all kinds of shenanigans. Most of the “players” in this club have their own agenda. Fortunately most of the planned “criminal activity” tends to backfire or go very wrong causing more havoc. The moral fiber of much of the community is questionable at best.

Jody Benson and her husband are the newcomers to the club. Jody was a golf champion in college, her grandfather was a major golfer and influencer in the club in the good old days. Jody inherited her grandfather’s natural athletic talent as well as his integrity. Jody now works in a governmental agency protecting the White Trumpet Crane babies from poaching. I highly recommend “Fore Play” to other readers! This is such a fun, witty, and cleverly written novel. Happy Reading!!

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