Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Echo of Old Books” by Barbara Davis, Amazon Publishing, March 28, 2023. On Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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WOW! Kudos to Barbara Davis for the unique and creative premise of “an empath of books” (“Psychometry) in “The Echo of Old Books” Sometimes, I have felt that “certain books” reach out and create unforgettable memories. Can you imagine the special ability to pick up a book and get the authors’ or owners’ feelings and emotions involved in creating and reading? I love everything about this book. Two timelines do connect.

The genres for this book are fiction, mystery, women’s fiction, and romance, with a touch of magical realism. Barbara Davis is a fantastic storyteller and writer and vividly describes the characters, setting, events, and plot. The author sketches her dramatic and colorful characters as complex and complicated. There are betrayals, secrets, and saboteurs. The story’s female protagonist, Ashlyn Greer, has the remarkable ability to feel the emotions of the previous owners; Ashlyn has had a difficult life and often seems like a closed book in her personal life, but in her professional life, she restores books and gives them new “life.” When several strange books are given to Ashlyn, she reacts strongly to the characters.

The books have a mystery that has Ashlyn determined to discover more about the characters. There are twists and turns, surprises, and unexpected events. I highly recommend this mesmerizing and captivating book to others.

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