Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Coronation Year” by Jennifer Robson, William, Morrow & Company, April 4, 2023

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Jennifer Robson, the author of “Coronation Year” has written a captivating and intriguing Historical Fiction Novel with a touch of mystery and suspense. The timeline is Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation in 1953 in London. As planning for this spectacular and historical event occurs, the author transports us to the Blue Lion Hotel. This is a small hotel, and the owner Edie Howard is hopeful that this occasion will financially help the failing hotel. The Queen’s procession will pass by the hotel, and this might just be the miracle that Jennifer needs.

A war hero, James Geddes, takes a room in the hotel to illustrate the royal procession and the new Queen. Stella Donati, a young Italian photographer, who also is a Holocaust survivor, depends on her pictures for the big day.

Unfortunately, someone is trying to sabotage Edie and the hotel. Letters are sent out on the hotel stationary, canceling guests and contacting various news sources. Edie’s signature is on some. This draws attention to law enforcement, looking to ensure the royal procession is safe. There are betrayals and danger. Someone has to find out what is going on for the safety of everyone.

I would highly recommend this memorable and historical novel to others.

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