My Review of “California Summer” by Anita Hughes

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IMG_3818My Review of “California Summer” by Anita Hughes        St. Martins Griffin   June 19,2018

“California Summer” by Anita Hughes is a captivating, enjoyable and entertaining read. The Genres for this novel are Fiction, Women’s Fiction and Romance. Goodreads has a blurb that says. “”California Summer “is a touching and romantic story about following your dreams but not letting them get in the way of love.” The story takes place mostly in the present, and goes to the past only if it pertains to the characters or events. I like the way the author describes the scenic landscape with beaches and flowers, from Hollywood to a small town  Montecito.

Anita Hughes describes her colorful cast of characters as complex, and complicated. Some characters are quirky. There are betrayals and lack of communication. Some of the characters are loyal friends. Rosie and Ben are friends, lovers, producer/director in Hollywood, until Rosie discovers that Ben has been unfaithful. Rosie leaves Hollywood and goes to Montecito, to stay with her friend’s parents.  Rosie feels betrayed and hurt, and is nursing her wounds in the extra cottage on the premises.

In the small town, Rosie is able to meet some new friends, and reflect upon her life. Rosie finds she is happy preparing and cooking in the kitchen. Everyone seems to love Rosie’s fish tacos. Rosie does have major decisions to make. What are Rosie’s  goals?

I like the way the author describes the importance, of family, friendship, emotional support, communication loyalty, love and hope.  The author also compares being extremely wealthy and being able to have material things, and prestige,  or being comfortable financially and being happy. I would highly recommend this novel to those readers that enjoy Women’s Fiction. I received an ARC from NetGalley  for my honest review.

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