My Review of “She Was the Quiet One” by Michele Campbell

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IMG_5587My Review of “She Was the Quiet One” by Michele Campbell  St. Martin’s Press , July 2018

“She Was the Quiet One” by Michele Campbell is a captivating, intriguing and intense novel. The Genres for this Novel  are Fiction, Mystery, Suspense and Thriller. The timeline for this story is mostly the present and goes back to the past only when it pertains to the characters or events of the story. The setting of the story is mostly in The Odell School, a private, New Hampshire boarding school.

The author describes the characters as complex, and complicated. Rose and Bel Enright are fraternal twin sisters that are now orphans, and are sent by their grandmother to The Odell School. Both sisters are as different as night and day. At the prestigious boarding school, there are some groups of students that don’t abide by the rules. The senior students in this group are mean and cruel and bully and belittle the younger students. They have a negative attitude and a feeling of entitlement. .One of the sisters is immediately accepted into this group, even though she is younger.This strains the relationship with the other twin. What is even worse, is that this group is determined to alienate both sisters from each other.

The school has hired the Donovans, both teachers with young children to supervise and help control the bad influence and character at the school. Mr. Donovan has  a magnetic and charismatic personality, and the students love him. Mrs. Donovan is more reserved. They have hidden past secrets. Mr. Donovan’s goal is to be the Headmaster of the school, and he is extremely ambitious.

Many of the characters are suspicious. There are twists and turns, betrayals and lies.  Some of the characters are ambitious, jealous, insecure, and unbalanced. Everything is not what it seems to be, and everyone is not who they seem to be. All these factors lead to disaster and tragedy.

I would recommend this  edgy novel for those readers who enjoy suspenseful  mysteries and thrillers.  I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.


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