Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “My Brother Javi: A Dog’s Tale” by Tracy Stopler, Binah Books, February 22,2020

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04C65D8F-DD12-470C-AE16-705F35BF3444_1_201_aLinda’s Book Obsession Reviews “My Brother Javi, A Dog’s Tale” by Tracy Stopler, Binah Books, February 22,2020

Wow !! Tracy Stopler, Author of “My Brother Javi, A Dog’s Tale” has written a compassionate, delightful, entertaining, enjoyable, compelling, captivating, witty, thought-provoking novel that just pulled at my heartstrings. Can you imagine a suburban neighborhood where canines and their humans would hang out together? Dogs having a playdate, and catching up?

Mostly, it is a dog’s life where we read about Binah’s brother Javi, and her doggy pals as they have their adventures and misadventures. Binah grew up with Javi for a few months, and Javi left his diary to help Binah and her friends learn some important teachable moments. I love the creativity and unique idea of presenting a book just about dogs’ lives! In addition, the author has provided pictures of the said dogs. What can I say, but Adorable, Adorable, Adorable!!!!! What a loveable moment!!

The Genres for this novel are Fiction, Animal Fiction, with a magical touch of fantasy and a dash of the philosophy of life. I would think that this is an adult book, that children might be able to borrow, and if your dog wants to listen that is even better. This reminds me of “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein, where we see the dog’s point of view. Here we see Javi, Binah’s and their close friends’ point of view.

Binah has a great sense of humor, and I was laughing at some of her jokes!! The dogs share their words of wisdom. Binah has learned from Javi that you have the ultimate choice to do the right thing if you stay positive. Good dogs have the chance to dream. I would highly recommend this thought-provoking novel that makes me both laugh and cry for all animal lovers. I am hoping for a sequel!!


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