Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Up Close” by Danielle Girard, Saddle Creek, May 23, 2023. On tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Danielle Girard, Author of "Up Close" has written an intense and suspensful novel. The Genres for this book are Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Psychological Thriller, and Fiction. The story takes place in the present in a small town of Hagen. The author vividly describes the characters and the events that take place. The author's characters are described as complex, and complicated. Some characters seem suspect, and flawed.In this small town,there are a few disappearances of highschool students, and the mayor's son drives through a diner.

The only people hurt in this accident, are Connor, the mayor's son, and Detective Kylie Milliard, one of the town's investigators. Connor is seriously hurt, and in the hospital fighting for his life, and Kylie is able to go on with her activities.

There is tension, adventure, suspense, betrayals, danger, and deaths. Kylie starts investigating in the town and school, and meets resistance from the principal, the sheriff, some of the local adults, and students that are keeping secrets. This novel has twists and turns,and is very edgy. I was quite surprised to find out who was responsible. I highly recommend this thriller.

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