Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Forgotten Life of Eva Gordon” by Linda MacKillop, Kregel Publications, May 2023. On Tour With Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Linda MacKillop, the Author of “The Forgotten Life of Eva Gordon,” has written a delightful, witty, and moving story. The genres for this novel are Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, and Fiction. The timeline for the story is set in the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the author or events. The author vividly describes her colorful and dramatic characters as complicated and complex. Some are exceptionally kind, and some are quirky. Because of some forgetful moments, well-seasoned Eva Gordon moves into her granddaughter, Breezy’s house. Breezy is one of the most patient and compassionate characters I would love to meet.

Eva longs to return to her home in Cape Cod, packs a suitcase, and heads to the Bus Station, only to find that it has moved. Welcoming Eva at the station is Breezy. This isn’t the first or last time that Eva will attempt to return to her home, and it isn’t the first or last time that Breezy will be waiting for her. Breezy will marry and move into a farmhouse with her husband and his aging uncle. Breezy wants her grandmother to live with them.

Linda MacKillop has written one of the most compassionate and empathetic books about aging and dementia that I have read. The author discusses important topics, such as aging, dementia, the importance of family and friends, love, and hope. The reader is invited on Eva’s journey of her memories and actions from the past and present that will take her to her home, where she belongs. I highly recommend this wonderful, thought-provoking, and memorable book.

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