Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Revenge List” by Hannah Mary Mckinnon, MIRA, May 23, 2023

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Hannah Mary McKinnon, the author of “The Revenge List,” has written a captivating, intense, and riveting novel. The genres for this book are Psychological thriller, Suspense, Mystery, and Thriller. The author is an amazing writer and storyteller and uses dark humor and wit. The story is set in the present and goes to the past regarding the characters and events. The author vividly describes her complicated and conflicted characters, the setting, and the scenery. I read this novel in one sitting and highly recommend this to other readers.

Frankie Morgan, the protagonist of this story, has some anger management issues and is in an anger management class to learn to deal appropriately with her rages. The teacher for the class assigned everyone to make a list of people they should make amends to, and Frankie made a “Revenge List” of those people that she feels have wronged her in some way. According to Frankie, some were bullies, some took advantage, and some betrayed her.

Unfortunately, the book with her list temporarily disappears, and several people on the list have met with “surprising accidents.” Accidents are starting to become more dangerous and deadlier. Frankie has her suspicions about who the suspect doing this is.

Anger management seems slow, and Frankie is losing her temper more frequently with her family and neighbors. Frankie is aware that the person/s must be stopped before anyone else on the list gets hurt, including her.

There are twists and turns; I guarantee you will be shocked by the ending. I hope that Hannah Mary McKinnon will write a follow-up novella or novel. This is one intriguing, edgy, and unique thriller!

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