My Review of “The Boyfriend Swap” by Meredith Schorr

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Can you imagine switching boyfriends for a Holiday weekend just to meet your parents? What do you think would happen? This is the premise for “The Boyfriend Swap” by Meredith Schorr.   The genres for “The Boyfriend Swap” are Fiction and Women’s Fiction.
I appreciate the way Meredith Schorr weaves her entertaining tale. I found this to be delightful and at times humourous.
The colorful characters can be described as complicated, complex, quirky, and dysfunctional.  Robin is a music teacher, with many talents, and Sidney is a high -powered attorney working at her father’s firm. Both dread the holidays, when they go home and bring a date or boyfriend. Both sets of parents are very different with unusual expectations set for their daughters. At a wine tasting party, and a little too much wine, Sidney and Robin agree to a “boyfriend swap” for the holiday weekend.
This is a predictable story with some twists and turns. I enjoyed this novel and found myself chuckling out load many times. I would highly recommend this novel for readers who enjoy an easy read, and want a good feel story. I received  ARC from the Great Thoughts and Readers Ninja Group for my honest opinion.

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